mega888 The Iraqi Bar Association statement on the Turkish bombing of Iraqi lands

The Iraqi Bar Association statement on the Turkish bombing of Iraqi lands


The Iraqi Bar Association statement on the Turkish bombing of Iraqi lands

From time to time, the blatant attacks directed by Turkey against the sovereignty and capabilities of our land are repeated on several axes. In light of timid reactions by the Iraqi authorities and official diplomatic bodies, which are not commensurate with the size of these blatant violations, and the repeated violations.

We sometimes witness the start of the escalation of the water war directed to our country with a clear intention to deprive us of the waters of our two great rivers, and at other times the missile bombing, which constitutes a flagrant aggression against Iraqi sovereignty, and a clear violation of international charters, treaties and norms.

The Turkish bombing of civilian facilities in Dohuk governorate constituted a condemnable aggression according to its seriousness and its conflict with the United Nations Charter, which prohibits the use of force and aggression in international relations.

Therefore, in this regard, we call on the Iraqi government to take serious action, to submit an urgent complaint to the United Nations, to inform the Security Council, being the organ concerned with maintaining international peace and security, to assess Iraq’s exposure to the

clear act of aggression, to demand also taking the legal measures, and to use its sanctions to restore consideration to the sovereignty of Iraqi territory.

Securing respect for Iraqi sovereignty requires, as a prerequisite, working to distance Iraq – which is mired in its many crises – from regional and international axes and conflicts preventing it from being a part of them that may constitute a reason for the intervention, which is often highlighted by military aggression and the consequent violations that would demolish and undermine Iraqi independence and national sovereignty, beside the painful and dangerous effects it reflects on the humanitarian, security and economic levels.

Perhaps one of the most prominent measures that can be taken to stop this heinous attack is to work on preventing any military presence of foreign forces on Iraqi soil, t

taking official measures regarding diplomatic representation with Turkey, announcing the official government position of rejection and condemnation, taking national and international measures to repel The aggression, and that government statements and actions should be commensurate with the size of the danger and violation that continues on the lands of our dear country, as well as working to stop Turkish interests on Iraqi lands and limit trade exchange.

May God protect the people of Iraq, its land, sky and water, and keep the plots of the aggressors away