‏On the opening of the health center of the Iraqi Bar Association after been rent , The president of the IBA explains some facts in her speech:


‏On the opening of the health center of the Iraqi Bar Association after been rent , The president of the IBA explains some facts in her speech:

Many were asking me why you did not respond to the suspicions about the establishment of the health center in the Iraqi Bar Association and the reason for this silence about some lies. My response was that the answer would be heard by the lawyers after the opening of the club.Only at that time the lies would no longer exist.

There were many discussions among the members of the Association about the legal possibility of investing the funds of the Bar Association, and not investing them.
We always said that the Law of Attorneys in force 173 of 1965 did not contain a text prohibits this. yet, do lawyers know that (there are those who defend depositing funds in banks without Move it to obtain deals under the heading of interests and commissions, for the purpose of obtaining percentages of interest that benefit them and the banks) Therefore, some used to raise the slogan of preserving the money of lawyers and intended to preserve it (deposited) for some interests.‏Earlier for the opening of the health club, which includes:
‏(A sports hall, a swimming pool for adults and children, a cafeteria and a restaurant, as well as other service associated facilities
‏An auction for renting it was announced, Indeed, this was done with a rent of (67,500,000) six hundred and seventy-five million dinars for five years only. this was done at a cost that will achieve economic feasibility in less than the envisaged period. Within a few years, the amount will cover the cost of establishing the club and it will be an important resource for the Iraqi Bar Association’s finances. The revenues will be divided into furnishing the chambers of Iraqi lawyers and supporting lawyers as well . The center is not for the province of Baghdad – as they claim – but its benefits will cover all the chambers of Iraqi lawyers.When the former council of the IBA was affected by the rumors of social media, and postponed the opening of the health club for many years for fear of electoral logos . Disabling an important facility, wasted during the past period an amount of about three-quarters of a billion Iraqi dinars, every year, and missed the Bar’s finances with this huge return. Will the Iraqi lawyers realize the danger of collapsing what is published on social media without scrutiny, and will those who were the reason for wasting this money through false rumors think that I will remain silent about what we lost , from them, and against their will

Although the management of the center will be transferred to the tenant, we stipulated that there should be special privileges for lawyers and their families, and a 25% reduction in the daily entry prices for the club sections, and a 10% reduction in the annual subscription fees as well.

I wonder, where is the fate of the complaints whose owners used to make noise? Where is their alleged evidence?
Has the complaint against the Iraqi Bar Association become ways of electoral propaganda? Has any case remained pending at the judiciary table, or was it destined to be closed?
Does it mean that those who are still misleading lawyers accuse the judiciary of being unfair?