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Ahlam Al-lami

للفترة : 2022


Ahlam Rashid Abbas Al-Lami

former president of Iraqi Bar Association


Name: Ahlam Rashid Abbas Al-Lami

Birth date and place: 10/12/1970   Maysan, Iraq

Current resident :Al-Mansour quarter, Baghdad, Iraq

Social status: un married

Academic degree: BA degree in Law from Baghdad university (1997-1998)

Work:  A lawyer since 1998

Positions: former president of Iraqi Bar Association


  •  Advocating in Legal ,civil and criminal cases Before courts
  •  An attorney for local and international companies
  •  Expert in administration affairs ,unions affairs   and      Bars’ affairs
  •  Expert in interpretation of laws

Previous positions:

  • A member of The Iraqi Bar Association the year 2006
  •  Elected for the membership of Iraqi Bar Association and took the first place    2010
  •  Elected for the membership of Iraqi Bar Association and took      the first place    2013 and occupied the position of Deputy of Iraqi Bar Association.
  •  Elected for the fourth time in 2016 for the membership of Iraqi Bar Association and again occupied the position of Deputy of Iraqi Bar Association


  • Participated in the conference held by International Bar Association in Singapore
  •  participated in many conferences held in Amman by the UNICEF concerning the status quo in Iraq at that time .Member of the delegation who had visited Kosovo and Albania to have a vision over their experience in helping under- age as well as visiting jails there .
  • participated in workshops in Dubai and Amman concerning the Guarantees of the accused
  • participated in many conferences of Arab Lawyers Union .
  • participated in many meetings by the Permanent Office of Arab Lawyers Union. Represented the Head of Iraqi Bar Association in the meeting held in Sharm El-Shaikh  2010
  • participated in many workshops held in Lebanon by Arab Lawyer Union in International judging and Electronic crimes.
  • shared in many conferences and seminars held by Arab Young Lawyers Organization as well as sharing in a hypothetical court in cases before the international courts in Amman .
  • participated in seminars for female organizations inside and outside Iraq to modify the Personal Status Law .
  • worked with woman organizations to modify the Under-age Law .
  • participated in workshops organized by women Rights organizations for the legislation of Family Protection Law .
  • participated in many workshops in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in order to legislate a law of legal help for people can’t afford fees of legal advise .
  •  participated in many conferences to modify the Law of Lawyers.
  •  Member of Governmental Expert Group concerned implementation of the United Nations Convention against corruption.
  •  Member of the Group of Governmental Experts on the Review and Follow-up of the Implementation of the United Nations Convention against corruption.
  • A local expert on Iraq in the program established by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) 2020, which supported economic growth, improved conditions for prosecuting and prosecuting corruption, strengthened the legislative and strategic framework for combating corruption and enhanced integrity in parliament.


  • Many medals as the best female lawyer from Iraqi Bar Association Bar.
  • Awards being Best Woman from woman organizations.
  • An award as the best Baghdadi figure in 2012 .
  • An honoring award from the General Secretariat of the Arab Lawyers Union in its first edition for the female lawyers which was held in Lebanon.
  • Best figure among ten best figures in Iraq for the year 2018.
  • Honored by Rasid Integrity Support organization in Iraq for her efforts in spreading the culture of integrity in Iraq .
  • Selected as the best of 10 candidates for this title for the year 2018.

Volunteer Works:

  • Member of Iraqi Journalist Bar
  • Wrote essays in the newspaper issued by Iraqi Bar Association .
  • Helped in teaching how to write researches most important concerning the study made before voting on the Iraqi constitution .This study was published in Al Sabah Aljadeed newspaper .
  • Gave many lectures in Human Rights in the courses given in Iraqi Bar Association.